Articles by Ivo Krka

Android’s Stagefright Media Player Architecture

A significant portion of today’s mobile devices run on top of Android OS. One of the reasons for the widespread adoption of Android is its open source nature. While this allows any programmer to look beyond the basic API (referred to as the Application Framework), understanding and modifying the lower layers of the Android stack […]

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What Mobile Platform Will Get Me App Revenue?

Developing a smartphone app takes a considerable time commitment, and, unless you’re doing it purely for fun, prospective revenue is a motivating factor. In the second part of my Guide for First-Time App Developers series, I discuss the current state of the smartphone app market and the opportunities to consider when choosing a target platform. […]

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Android vs. iPhone vs. Windows Phone: Getting an App Out There

Turning a great idea into a great app is not necessarily as straightforward as you may expect, and involves a number of important decisions: Which platform(s) should I target and in what order? Is this going to be prohibitively difficult or costly? How can I make sure that my app reaches the desired users? While […]

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