Articles about Cybersecurity

Software experts meeting in research laboratory: woman leads presentation using digital whiteboard while colleagues listening

Identifying CyberSecurity Risk as Part of Technical Due Diligence

We use SAST tools during our tech due diligence engagements to provide independent analysis of security risk and to help provide recommendations.

Medical devices hanging on wall

Understanding Medical Device Cybersecurity & the FDA’s Role

As medical devices evolve to better treat and monitor patient health, cybersecurity remains a top priority. As per FDA guidance, “medical device security is a shared responsibility…”

Photo of T-Mobile sign on window

Inside T-Mobile’s Massive Security Failure

Around the middle of August, a security research firm named Unit221B reached out to T-Mobile with some really, really bad news.

Over the shoulder view of programmer writing code

The ‘Hybrid Workplace’ is Rife with Security Problems

While workers may embrace the new normal of a hybrid workplace, certain employees may be less enthused than others. Chief among them: security teams.

Photo of mobile phone sitting on laptop keyboard

Understanding the SIM-Swapping Threat

With a technique called SIM-swapping, bad actors on the internet are having some of their greatest successes to date.

Group of people at shared desk collaborating on laptops

Concerns for Tech Companies in 2021

The biggest names in tech are experiencing increased scrutiny, restrictions (or the threat of restrictions), and more apprehension about security than ever before.

Teenager sitting at computer in the dark.

How a Teenager Allegedly Hacked Twitter

The latest high-profile Twitter hack raises questions about hacking methodology, punishment, and security issues.

How Serious Are Zoom’s Data Security Issues?

For many students, families, and businesses, Zoom is an ‘essential service.’ But data security issues with the platform are drawing unwanted attention, criticism, and even lawsuits.