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A robot enters a garden maze attempting to find success in AI investments

Navigating the Maze: Performing Due Diligence in AI and Generative AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI are at the forefront in a rapidly evolving tech industry, driving innovation and reshaping industries. Due diligence is an intricate process that assesses these technologies’ technical aspects and viability.

Woman Using Lipstick Color Makeup Simulation App On Digital Tablet, Browsing Beauty Application With Augmented Reality Option Online, Creative Collage

Are Photos Like Fingerprints? BIPA and Biometric Privacy Laws

Illinois’ BIPA is a model for upcoming biometric legislation; we expect 20% of states will have biometric privacy laws by 2024.

Software experts meeting in research laboratory: woman leads presentation using digital whiteboard while colleagues listening

Identifying CyberSecurity Risk as Part of Technical Due Diligence

We use SAST tools during our tech due diligence engagements to provide independent analysis of security risk and to help provide recommendations.

Woman operating bio tech equipment in a cancer testing laboratory

This Summer’s Highest Profile Lawsuit

In this post, we breakdown the most high-profile lawsuit taking place in the United States this summer: the prosecution of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

Person holding up mobile phone, playing Fortnite game

Apple vs. Epic Games: Awaiting a Critical Verdict

After a three-week trial, the yearlong legal affair between technology giant Apple and Fortnite developer, Epic Games, is nearing its end.

Photo of Google sign at company headquarters

U.S. Supreme Court Weighs-In on Google vs. Oracle

A prolonged legal battle between software behemoths Google and Oracle has, at long last, reached a conclusion.