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U.S. Supreme Court Weighs-In on Google vs. Oracle

A prolonged legal battle between software behemoths Google and Oracle has, at long last, reached a conclusion. The US Supreme Court ruled in early April that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s copyright for the Java API when developing the…

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A Peek Into The Future of Autonomous Driving, Part 1

Future Self-Driving Cars of the Past– Advertising Archive, via Everett Collection In areas of science and technology where rapid disruption is prevalent, researchers and engineers are constantly surrounded by several challenges of varying…

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Lawsuit alleges Apple Pay Patent Violation

Kenneth Weiss, the former CTO and Chairman of the Board at RSA Security, sued Apple Inc. and Visa in May 2017. Mr. Weiss is the founder of Universal Secure Registry (USR) and the inventor of RSA’s SecurID technology, and he is alleging that…

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