Articles about Shahin Nazarian

Design Challenges in Sub-11nm Process Technologies

As VLSI devices shrink to atomic scales, design and analysis become increasingly challenging. Dr. Shahin Nazarian, an expert at Quandary Peak Research and a faculty member in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Southern California, has been conducting research on the design and analysis of high speed, energy efficient circuits…

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Nazarian Provides Deposition Testimony in BIOS Cases

Quandary Peak Research expert Dr. Shahin Nazarian was deposed in several IPR cases on March 15, March 16, April 4 and April 6, 2016. He was the lead testifying expert witness on six contested patents. Nazarian was asked to opine on the invalidity of US patents 6,519,659, 6,487,656, 6,633,976, 6,373,498, 6,401,202, and…

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