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Quandary Peak experts work on the some of the biggest software class actions in the industry.

Whether the issue is biometrics like Patel v Facebook, or consumer privacy like In re Facebook - Cambridge Analytica, the stakes for software class action cases are high. Fortunately, experts at Quandary Peak Research have worked on some of the most consequential class action software cases in the country. We help our clients:

  • Prioritize production results from e-discovery requests
  • Investigate software behavior for technical details that affect your legal strategy
  • Expose software details that show the scale of class harm
  • Anticipate delaying tactics from the opposing party
  • Compose complaints and interrogatories that are effective and precise
  • Write declarations and expert reports about software, apps and sites
  • Validate opinions from other experts to ensure strong and compelling arguments
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Mass adoption of smartphones and Internet technologies shapes us both as a society and as individuals. Whether it’s an app that secretly captures personal information, a social media site that invades privacy, or an operating system that hobbles hardware, software can profoundly impact millions of people.

While even niche software systems (running financial transactions or electronic health records, for example) may not be used directly by consumers, they can still can affect large numbers of people far beyond the intended audience. So the stakes for software class action cases are high. Fortunately, Quandary Peak’s experts have worked on some of the most consequential class action software cases in the country.

Quandary Peak experts have a deep understanding of the technologies at the center of software class actions:

  • Privacy, personally-identifiable information (PII) and cookies
  • Terms of Use and EULAs
  • Server logging and session capture
  • Social networking communities, photo and video sharing sites
  • Mobile messaging apps with encryption features
  • Online dating apps with location-aware features
  • Crowdfunding and online review sites

Case Studies

In Patel v Facebook, research and analysis by Quandary Peak experts
helped achieve a $550 million settlement.

Facebook will pay $550 million to class action lawsuit over privacy violations

Facebook will pay over half a billion dollars to settle a class action lawsuit that alleged systematic violation of an Illinois consumer privacy law. The settlement amount is large indeed, but a small fraction of the $35 billion maximum the company could have faced.

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For In re Facebook - Cambridge Analytica, Quandary Peak experts
help plaintiffs access needed data for complaints.

Judge lets Facebook privacy class action proceed, calls company's views 'so wrong'

A federal judge on Monday ordered Facebook Inc to face most of a nationwide lawsuit seeking damages for letting third parties such as Cambridge Analytica access users' private data, calling the social media company's views on privacy "so wrong."

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I would like to thank you for the wonderful expert testimony you provided — resulting in a $3,056,000 verdict... [jurors] chose to ignore the defense expert’s testimony because you were by far more credible, knowledgeable and prepared."
Paul California attorney
...your testimony was presented in a manner that even the most untrained person in computer science could understand.
Stewart New York attorney
Jason assimilated a vast amount of conflicting information in a very short time frame and provided competent and compelling opinions for our case.
Wilson California attorney
[Mr. Frankovitz's] testimony at trial was clear and concise and, as indicated by the jury post-verdict, he connected with them very well.
Yosef California attorney

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