Daniel P. Bullington

Daniel P. Bullington

Sr. Software Architecture Consultant

Daniel P. Bullington has an impressive technology career spanning over 20+ years. He began his career as a software engineering practitioner and consultant, tackling complex system renovations using proven patterns, practices, and frameworks. Daniel quickly grew into a leader and architect, having earned the trust of business stakeholders and technical experts alike.

More recently, Daniel has served as the Principal Architect for a Fortune 15 healthcare payer Fertility new product offering, the Chief Architect for a Fortune 50 retirement services business segment, the Chief Technology Officer for a KLAS-ranked healthcare analytics company, and directly led the 5-year/$300m clinical systems architecture transformation program for a Fortune 100 healthcare provider.

His deep and wide experience in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance gives Daniel a unique perspective on business and technology. Many of Daniel’s positions required a mix of engineering team leadership, project management of large budgets with P&L accountability, complex technical architecture governance, and the evangelization of modern cloud-native software and data engineering approaches.

He is an advocate for open-source software, Dev/Ops automation, engineer-created test suites, and Lean/Agile process frameworks. Daniel has a personal research interest in streaming data at lambda compute scale, metaprogramming frameworks, and bespoke civil obligation payment architectures.

Daniel currently focuses on healthcare IT audits and expert testimony in software-related litigation.

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