Technical Due Diligence

We provide due diligence and technical vetting services for investors.

Whether it’s a small angel round or the first tranche of a Series C, an investor needs accurate information to assess risk and negotiate advantageous terms. Knowing the quality of a company’s software products and how they’re deployed to handle scale is critical to hitting your multiple. Quandary Peak can help you discover potential landmines in a high‑stakes investment.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, we help our clients:

  • Establish normal performance versus exceptional performance of a software system.
  • Judge software quality using industry best‑practices.
  • Verify claims about software capabilities.
  • Perform stress-testing for high‑capacity systems.
  • Confirm the suitability of software or database design.
  • Provide development due diligence reports about the techniques used for a software project.
What We Know
  • Development best-practices for mobile and web apps
  • Requirements engineering for multiple‑platform releases
  • Software deployment and change management
  • Scaling and capacity planning
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