Articles about Mobile Apps

Big Tech, China, and Hong Kong

The biggest technology companies have found themselves entangled in the latest chapter of China and Hong Kong’s long, complicated political history.

Patient data and vaccine vials.

Healthcare Data-Sharing System May Create Privacy Risks

In a piecemeal regulatory environment, consumers will bear the brunt of the responsibility for vetting any app they choose to give access to their medical information. How that information is protected will be the province of third parties – until legislated otherwise.

Ring, Law Enforcement, and Data Sharing Partnerships

The idea of law enforcement using new technology to reduce crime is intruiging. But how to best to do that—while protecting civil liberties—remains an ongoing debate.

Supreme Court Allows Apple Antitrust Suit to Move Forward

Lawsuit claims that Apple exercises monopoly power in the retail market for the sale of apps and has unlawfully used its monopoly power to force iPhone owners to pay Apple higher-than-competitive prices for apps.

Android’s Stagefright Media Player Architecture

In this article, I present the architecture of the media playback infrastructure with Stagefright as the underlying media player.

What Mobile Platform Will Get Me App Revenue?

Developing mobile apps involves decisions about the target platform. This article reviews the market opportunities related to different app platforms.