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Court Rules Facial Recognition Lawsuit Against Facebook Can Proceed

For now, the biggest questions still lack clarity: is scanning a photograph and not a face a violation of the law? Is there a legal precedent for ‘concrete injury’ as it relates to biometric data? The answers may have billion-plus dollar ramifications for tech companies, privacy advocates, and product users alike.

A Closer Look at California’s Data Privacy Law

The notion that data is the property of consumers—and not businesses that collect it—is a relatively new (but impactful) premise. Until national legislation is introduced, California’s CCPA looks to be the standard-setter across the US for the time being.

Political Ad Policies at Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all established different positions on political ad policies, underscoring the complexity of political advertising in the digital era.

EU Court of Justice Rules on Facebook Content Removal

The online free speech debates show no signs of abating, with ideas of what is or isn’t acceptable still being shaped by courts and companies alike.

Data’s Role in Big Tech’s Antitrust Fight

With lawmakers poised to take regulatory action, the most impactful question for technology companies like Facebook and Google is whether the U.S. will borrow from Europe’s model or create an entire new set of regulations.

Justice Department and FTC to Split Oversight of Google and Amazon

The New York Times is reporting that the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be splitting oversight of Google and Amazon, a move which seems to signal impending changes.

Legal Troubles Don’t Mean Diminished Ambitions for Big Tech

For the first time in memory, previously unassailable companies found themselves squarely in government and public crosshairs alike, answering for a series of (often data-centric) misdeeds.