Each litigation case that involves software has its particularities, in terms of the corresponding deadlines, the criticality of the software code review, the size of the software to be analyzed, and the type of information that needs to be extracted. It’s critical your software code review experts are familiar with the tradeoffs needed to adapt their code review practices to the needs of your case.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, we’ve harnessed proprietary processes designed to optimize the efficiency of information retrieval in the shortest possible timeframe. Moreover, we boast expertise in our own code comparison tool, the Simian Similarity Analyzer, which significantly expedites the analysis process. Our approach is agile and adaptive, guiding our experts in:

  1. Prioritizing Documentation and Source Code: We instruct our experts on which documentation and source code elements to examine first, tailoring our approach to the specific case at hand.
  2. Tool Selection: Our in-depth knowledge enables us to select the most appropriate tools for extracting the most pertinent information, ensuring the task is handled effectively.
  3. Effective Note-Taking: In time-sensitive on-site code reviews, we provide guidance on the types of notes to take, ensuring the most crucial information is captured.
  4. Collaborative Exchange: When multiple experts collaborate, we offer guidance on the documents and information to exchange to streamline the review process.

What We Know

Our proficiency extends to a range of software and tools, including:

  • Development Environments: We are well-versed in popular development environments such as Visual Studio and Eclipse, allowing us to work effectively within these platforms.
  • Searching and Analysis Tools: Our expertise encompasses tools like PowerGREP and DT Search, which are valuable for in-depth searching and analysis.
  • Version Control Systems: We are experienced in various version control systems, including CVS, SVN, Git, and Mercurial, which play a crucial role in software development.
  • Document and Note Tools: Our familiarity with tools like Notepad++, Adobe, and OneNote enables efficient documentation and note-taking processes, contributing to a streamlined workflow.

Quandary Peak leverages this knowledge and expertise to provide clients with efficient and effective services in source code analysis and software development.

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