The essence of being a software expert is not only being able to understand sophisticated algorithms and the structure of and information flow in a software system. Rather, software expertise implies the knowledge of increasingly heterogeneous platforms – IDEs, operating systems, mobile platforms, and database and server technologies – that are used in concert when developing a system.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, our comprehensive knowledge of the popular development platforms allows us to:

  • Determine the layer of software responsible for a particular functionality.
  • Understand software with intricate communication patterns.
  • Determine differences between similar systems built for different platforms.
  • Provide preliminary analysis of suspected IP infringement.

What We Know
  • Windows, Visual Studio, .NET, and C#
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Eclipse, Java, and the Android SDK
  • iOS, XCode, Objective C, and the iPhone SDK
  • IntelliJ, IIS
  • Java JMS, CORBA

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