About Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak Research is a Los Angeles‑based consulting group that provides computer and software expertise to companies, investors, and attorneys.


We provide computer and software expertise to companies, universities, and attorneys.

Our Experts sit together in Los Angeles
Our Experts meet together in Los Angeles


We thrive on unraveling complex software systems, and communicating our findings to a non‑technical audience.

Our Experts meet together in Los Angeles


We assist clients in analyzing web and mobile applications, digital multimedia systems, and medical device software.

Quandary Peak’s experts have served as computer and software expert witnesses in numerous federal lawsuits, patent reexaminations, and other legal proceedings.

Conference room in our Los Angeles office.
IBM 5140 Convertible (1986)
Photo of Computer Hardware artifacts
NorthStar Horizon S-100 Computer (1977)
Lawrence Livermore Labs MST-80B Intel 8080 Trainer (1979)

Computer Geeks

We have a fascination with computer technologies, which drives our intensive examination of software and devices.

Several artifacts are on display at our Los Angeles office in tribute to our personal beginnings with computers.

Quandary Peak Offices

Our growing team of experts is expanding across the United States.