The C++ programming language, along with its predecessor, C, is probably the most pervasive, influential, and widely used software language of all time. C++ was one of the first object-oriented languages and strikes an appealing balance between expressiveness, ease-of-use, and run-time efficiency. As a compiled, statically typed language, C++ is significantly different from today’s popular web languages — PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and JavaScript — which are interpreted and dynamically typed. Defying its age and predictions of its demise, C++ remains an incredibly popular language today for many classes of software, including operating systems, embedded controllers, and real-time systems. C++ greatly influenced the design and development of Java, C#, and Objective-C.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, we specialize in:

  • Rapid, efficient C and C++ source code review and analysis.
  • Inspecting C++ source code in intellectual property litigation involving patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  • Comprehensive documentation of the structure and behavior of C and C++ software.
  • Expert reports and testimony addressing technical questions raised in litigation around C and C++ programs.

What We Know
  • ANSI C
  • ISO C++
  • The C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) and object-oriented design (OOD)
  • C and C++ compilers, including GNU GCC and Microsoft Visual C++

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