Java is one of the most ubiquitous and successful software languages in the world today. It’s object-oriented nature and unique philosophy of “write-once, run-anywhere” has led to it being used across a broad range of software systems, from mobile and desktop applications to distributed web servers and database applications – from embedded systems to graphic user interfaces. Java exists in a number of flavors and has a large number of products for specific applications, including Java SE, JavaEE, Java Servlets, TomCat, and others.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, we specialize in:

  • Quick and effective Java code review and analysis for a variety of desktop, server, microservice, mobile, and embedded platforms.
  • Reviewing Java source code for cases involving patents, copyright, and intellectual property.
  • Holistic analysis of various Java-based software systems including virtual machine, desktop applications, mobile OS software, custom device drivers, and web servers.
  • Java expert witness reports and testimony.

What We Know
  • Java SE
  • Java Swing and AWT
  • Android’s Java Platform (Dalvik) and SDK
  • Java ME
  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  • Java Servlets and JSPs
  • Java Spring, Spring Boot
  • Jetty, Tomcat
  • Java Technologies Compatibility Kit (TCK)
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Technologies
  • Java Native Interface (JNI)
  • Java Building tool chain, Maven, Gradle, Ants

Java EE and Java Servlets

Java EE (once known as J2EE) extends core Java to include services for large-scale, distributed enterprise applications. It provides APIs for network and web services, network security, object-relational mapping, and other features targeted towards distributed and multi-tier architectures. API interfaces include JDBC, RMI, websockets, email, and JMS. Our Java expert witnesses have years of Java EE experience.

Java Expert Witness

Java Patent Expert 

Java Swing and AWT

Java Swing and AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) are libraries used to build user interfaces for desktop applications in Java. Both libraries include a large set of user interface components, and an event-handling model for user input. They contain classes for graphics and imaging tools, including shape, color, and font, as well as layout managers, for flexible window layouts. Quandary Peak’s Java expert witnesses perform Java code review and analysis of Swing and AWT user interfaces for patent and other software-related legal cases.

Java ME

Java ME (Micro Edition), previously known as J2ME, developed by Sun Microsystems, and now owned by Oracle Corporation, is a version of Java designed for embedded systems. Java ME was the platform of choice for app development before the current generation of smartphones emerged, and many older Palm and BlackBerry OS applications run on the platform.


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