Team of experts talking and investigating software

Software Expert Witness & Litigation Consulting

Team of experts talking and investigating software

If you need expert testimony about software and computer technology, look no further.

Our software experts perform source code review and explain how the code works. We author expert reports supporting specific conclusions with technical evidence.

We provide software expert witness testimony and consulting. We’re specialized in software IP litigation including: patent infringement, copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation.

Experts at Quandary Peak are
experienced in software disputes of all types.

Patent Infringement

We help our clients make stronger arguments in software patent infringement cases.

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We analyze whether software license or software copyright infringement has occurred.

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Class Action

We have a deep understanding of the technologies at the center of software class actions.

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Trade Secret

We thoroughly investigate allegations of software trade secret misappropriation.

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We investigate who is to blame for software development failures that result in breach-of-contract lawsuits.

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Deposition & Trial

We frequently serve as testifying experts, and we also help outside software experts prepare for deposition and trial.

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We are techies who speak legalese.

Lawyers and engineers speak, write, and think differently. Translating tech jargon into the precise, unambiguous language of the law isn’t taught to engineers. We know how to do it.

An effective software expert witness must understand the legal issues in question. Software patents are legal documents, not engineering documents, and many engineers find them baffling…but we don’t.

We explain technical concepts to non-experts in a way that is easy to understand. That’s a skill we’ve carefully honed over years of practice.

We are knowledgeable in a broad range of computer technologies.


Our cybersecurity experts have decades of experience in industry and elite-level academic credentials. We perform many types of security analysis, including security architecture evaluation, security breach analysis, penetration testing, IP infringement, and more.

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Internet and Websites

Our internet and web experts have direct experience with a number of technologies including Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and .NET, just to name a few. We are particularly knowledgeable in rich Internet applications and websites with complex back-end functionality.

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Mobile Phones

Our phone experts have a deep understanding of today’s top mobile platforms including Android, iOS and iPhone, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry, Brew, and more. We have proven results serving as patent infringement litigation consultants for top legal firms and multinational companies on cell phone patents.

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Our solid industry background and focus in the expert witness field allows us to exceed the expectations of our clients in the most demanding situations.

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Fortune 500 companies & top law firms choose
Quandary Peak for our technical expertise & legal experience.

We have extensive experience in software patent litigation source code review.

  • We perform software patent source code review to find evidence of infringement.
  • We help develop or refute software patent infringement claim charts.
  • We provide feedback from a technical perspective during claim construction.
  • We consult on ITC investigations related to computer software patents.
  • We investigate prior art and research patent invalidity.
Experts diligently working late in the office
We are software litigation fanatics.

Software litigation consulting is our full-time job. This is what we do all day, every day. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Other software experts do this work to supplement their income. We have chosen it as a career because we enjoy it. We love what we do.

Meet Our Software Experts
Expert explaining computer code to attorney
We help lower costs for your clients.

We off-load time-consuming tasks from expensive testifying experts. Our highly capable software consultants can do the heavy lifting at a lower cost, then feed information to the testifying expert.

Quandary Peak invests in proprietary processes and tools specifically for software litigation source code review to save valuable time and money.

Because we have worked on hundreds of software cases, we hit the ground running on every project.

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Our Team is Your Team

We assemble a team of software experts with complementary knowledge and skills to fit your project. Each of our software experts specializes in certain areas, and they collaborate to cover all the bases.

Mahdi Eslamimehr - Senior Software Consultant

Mahdi Eslamimehr – PhD, MBA

Senior Computer Scientist Los Angeles

Dr. Mahdi Eslamimehr is an award-winning scientist and a senior tech executive in the software product and service industry. He has years of experience in leading tech companies around the world, including Ericsson R&D Center, Samsung Electronics R&D Labs, SAP Research Lab, Y Combinator Research, and Clarity Global.

Litigation Testifying and Consulting Expert
Area of Expertise Program Analysis
Juan M. Vasquez - Director of Information Security & Audit Services

Juan M. Vasquez, CISM, CISA

Director of Information Security & Audit Services Chicago

Juan has over 10 years of experience in Information Security, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Operational Technology, IT Audit, and IT Risk & Controls. He has 16 years of military service and continues to serve as an IT Operations Manager and Exercise Planner in the US Marine Corps Reserve.

Litigation Consulting Expert
Focus Area Technology Risk & Controls
Area of Expertise Technology Risk & Controls
Jason Frankovitz - Software Engineering Expert

Jason Frankovitz

Director of Software Class Actions Los Angeles

As a developer and CTO, Jason Frankovitz has been in the trenches of technology for 30 years. He has worked as a programmer, software development manager, technical analyst, CTO, and mentor in a wide variety of industries including social media, digital entertainment, and online advertising.

Litigation Senior Testifying Expert
Area of Expertise Web Applications
George Edwards - Software Expert Witness

George Edwards, PhD

President & Principal Computer Scientist Los Angeles

Dr. George Edwards has more than a decade of experience as a scientist, engineer, and technical consultant to academic research labs, government agencies, and technology companies, and he has served as a software expert in various litigation contexts, including several patent infringement matters.

Litigation Senior Testifying Expert
Area of Expertise Mobile Devices & Apps
Ali Khoshgozaran - Computer Scientist

Ali Khosh, PhD

VP of Emerging Tech & Due Diligence Los Angeles

Dr. Ali Khosh is a computer scientist, entrepreneur and technology executive with years of experience at leading tech companies including Microsoft, Yahoo and Samsung. Ali serves as an expert in various software-related litigation matters (patent infringement, trade secret, etc.) and technical due diligence of emerging technology (VC investments, M&A transactions).

Litigation Senior Testifying Expert
Focus Area Emerging & Cloud Technology
Area of Expertise Machine Learning & AI Consultant
Jae young Bang - Research Scientist

Jae Young Bang, PhD

Senior Computer Scientist Los Angeles

Dr. Jae Young Bang is a senior computer scientist and software technology consultant with a decade of experience in software engineering. He currently serves as a consultant and source-code reviewer in software litigation including patent/copyright infringement and breach-of-contract matters, and also as a researcher in software architecture design and analysis.

Litigation Testifying and Consulting Expert
Area of Expertise Social Media

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