Technical Due Diligence

Startup Investment

We help tech investors understand the key characteristics of a target company's software assets.

Quandary Peak is a trusted advisor to private equity, VC firms, and large corporations. We address our clients' key technical questions through in-depth evaluations of uniqueness, barrier to entry, scalability, extensibility, and more.

  • Overall technical strengths of intellectual property
  • Uniqueness of the technology solution
  • Adoption of software development best-practices
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Functional and non-functional requirements analysis
  • Software architecture overview
  • Software quality evaluation
  • Barrier to entry, technology moat
  • Due diligence reports
Software startup investment

Before investing in a technology company, we help our clients understand:

What is unique about the company’s intellectual property compared to the publicly‑available components used in the software?

How valuable, defensible, and monetizable are the software products or other intellectual property assets being considered?

Getting answers to these questions can be challenging. When you add the strict confidentiality considerations typical in an MOU or LOI, a potential investor or acquirer can find it extremely difficult to perform proper vetting of a target company’s technology. Similarly, the target company may wonder if its unique intellectual property is being reviewed properly for fair value. That’s where we come in.

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Example Case Study

"Proprietary Machine Learning" of a Supply Chain Startup

Our client was considering an investment into a successful logistics startup primarily because of the startup's unique AI-powered algorithms.

Our Approach

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the machine learning solutions developed by the startup vs. widely used open-source software packages integrated into the software to help our clients understand what is truly unique about company's use of machine learning.

More Practice Areas of Due Diligence

Technology M&A

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our clients benefit from Quandary Peak's years of extensive experience assisting with technical due diligence for M&A transactions.

Startup acquihire

Startup Acqui-hire

As former technology executives, we understand the importance of teams in acqui-hires. We conduct interviews, review cultural and technical fit, and consider key employees’ preferences.

Technology commercialization

Technology Commercialization

We analyze the relevant technology space and consider a new service’s place within it by studying the competitive landscape, existing offerings, and potential to disrupt.

Technology Consulting

Technology Strategy Consulting

We provide unbiased advice to our clients on consequential and strategic technology decisions informed by our deep industry knowledge.

Meet Our Team

Ali Khoshgozaran - Computer Scientist
Ali Khosh, PhD
Testifying and Consulting Expert

Dr. Ali Khosh is a computer scientist, entrepreneur and technology executive with years of experience at leading tech companies including Microsoft, Yahoo and Samsung. Ali serves as an expert in various software-related litigation matters (patent infringement, trade secret, etc.) and technical due diligence of emerging technology (VC investments, M&A transactions).

Jason Frankovitz - Software Engineering Expert
Jason Frankovitz
Senior Testifying Expert

As a developer and CTO, Jason Frankovitz has been in the trenches of technology for more than 25 years. He has worked as a programmer, software development manager, technical analyst, CTO, and mentor in a wide variety of industries including enterprise software, digital entertainment, and Web-enabled government.

Jae young Bang - Research Scientist
Jae young Bang, PhD
Consulting and Testifying Expert

Dr. Jae young Bang is a research scientist and software technology consultant with a decade of experience in software engineering. He currently serves as a consultant and source-code reviewer in software litigation including patent/copyright infringement and breach-of-contract matters, and also as a researcher in software architecture design and analysis.

George Edwards - Software Expert Witness
George Edwards, PhD
Testifying and Consulting Expert

Dr. George Edwards has more than a decade of experience as a scientist, engineer, and technical consultant to academic research labs, government agencies, and technology companies, and he has served as a software expert in various litigation contexts, including several patent infringement matters.

Muhammad Naveed, PhD
Testifying and Consulting Expert

Dr. Naveed is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California. He works on cryptography, systems security, and data breaches. His work has had a significant impact on Android security and has helped Google, Samsung, Facebook, and Amazon secure their products.

Colin Morrell - Health IT Software Security Consultant
Colin Morrell
Health IT Software Security Consultant

Colin Morrel is a Software Security Consultant with over 5 years of experience specializing in application security through static and dynamic analysis. He uses his background in offensive security testing to help improve software and IT security based on industry best practices.