Experts researching litigation strategy

Attorneys often require acceptable and reasonable supporting evidence for a cause of action prior to initiating litigation. Quandary Peak Research has a unique software pre-litigation strategic research team with exceptional academic and industry credentials. Our team has collectively published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and articles in the scientific literature and received numerous academic awards. Moreover, our team members, as tech executives, have successfully launched many enterprise and consumer-facing products to the market.

We establish facts supporting litigation campaigns by searching and analyzing research papers, conference proceedings, reference books, industry standards, whitepapers, and other public materials. We compile our findings and conclusions in a clear and succinct report. Quandary Peak Research software and hardware experts also:

  • Inspect, reverse-engineer, and test software and hardware devices to glean information about their functionality, components, design, and characteristics, 
  • Prepare attorneys for counter-viewpoints that may challenge their case theory,
  • Provide technical analysis for patent invalidity research, patent portfolio analysis, and patent infringement contentions, and
  • Collect technical plausible causes for class action lawsuits.

What We Do
  • Analyze case theories and establish facts using public sources
  • Comprehensively search academic databases, accepted standards, etc.
  • Compile supporting citations and contrasting materials
  • Provide technical reports to support case theories
  • Highlight strategy trade-offs and challenges
  • Conduct patent portfolio analysis as well as patent invalidity/infringement analysis

What We Know
  • Accredited academic journals and conferences
  • Accepted and established research methodologies
  • Reliable and unreliable publications
  • Reverse engineering products
  • Standards and best practices
  • Tools for testing and monitoring the dynamic operation of software and hardware products such as debugging and packet-sniffing tools
  • Public resources containing relevant information to litigation matters

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