Performing quick and effective source code review requires the knowledge of the appropriate tool support as well as an intimate familiarity of the tools’ features.

The most important tools for code review typically help a reviewer extract relevant information and execution flows, lookup program statements of interest, and establish differences between software versions.

What We Do

Quandary Peak’s experts have extensive experience using tools for software searching, debugging, version control, differencing, and static and dynamic analysis. This knowledge allows them to:

  • Thoroughly analyze different types of software.
  • Identify the right combination of tools for a particular code review task.
  • Quickly grasp the newest technologies for software analysis.

What We Know
  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, SlickEdit
  • PowerGREP, DT Search
  • Beyond Compare, ExamDiff Pro
  • CVS, SVN, Git, Mercurial
  • GNU coreutils like cat, cut, diff, cmp and more
  • Avalanche, Daikon, Valgrind
  • Coverity SAVE, LDRA Testbed, Kalistick, PVS-Studio, PC-Lint
  • HTTPScoop, Wireshark, and Charles

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