At Quandary Peak, we focus on helping our clients build and enhance software products through modern software engineering practices. Modern technologies can leverage a legacy architecture to support an organization’s needs while adding substantial business value by enabling new strategies, new capabilities, and access to new markets.

We partner with organizations to help retain and increase the value of their technology investments in legacy software by planning “Lift & Shift” migrations to modern technology platforms that benefit the enterprise, customer, and end-user. Our understanding of regulatory requirements and compliance standards will clarify which industry standards and best practices fit your organization’s needs, allowing you to focus on developing future systems knowing they will be compliant with new and existing regulations.

Our flexible approach means we are available as needed and can serve in an advisory capacity or be involved in software development, including design, testing, execution, and post-execution. Our core offering is detailed and customized to best fit our clients’ needs, including the best technologies to address your regulatory and compliance requirements and all aspects of metrics management. Additionally, we manage the tracking of KPIs and KRIs needed to execute our client’s vision successfully.

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What We Do:
  • Architecture & Design Assessments & Consulting
  • Software Refactoring Assessments & Consulting
  • C-Suite and Director-level outsourcing (in compliance, engineering, cybersecurity)
  • Regulatory & Compliance Project Implementations
  • SDLC Modernization (DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps) Consulting
  • Tool Selection (SDLC, compliance, DevOps, DevSecOps)
  • Quality Assurance Process Evaluations & Consulting
  • Code Quality Analysis (Automated & Manual)
  • Operational Security Audits
  • Application Testing and Risk Evaluations
  • Code Vulnerability Analysis (Static & Open-Source)
  • Domain & Behavior Driven Design

What We Know:
  • Software Quality and Maintainability Standards (ISO 25010, etc.) and best-practices
  • Software Patterns (Design, Testing, Implementing) with best practices
  • Modern Software Development (Cloud-Native, AI, ML, Web3)
  • Application Models (Blockchain & Microservices)
  • Hybrid Cloud and Native Cloud Technologies (incl. migration plans, cost benefit analysis)
  • Real-Time Processing Technologies (Kafka, Tibco, etc.)
  • Enterprise Architecture Standards (TOGAF)
  • Secure API Best Practices
  • Secure Coding Best Practices (OWASP Top 10, etc.)
  • Data Governance & Privacy in Traditional or Cloud Infrastructure
  • Industry Vertical Requirements and Regulations (Healthcare, Fintech, FTC)

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