We assist companies in implementing government-required and best practices standards for patient safety and risk in Health IT applications. We follow and track the top patient safety risks related to IT in the healthcare setting, and solutions to address them, including:

Diagram of Health IT Safety Domains

What We Do
  • Assist in implementing safety programs for EHR and Health IT Vendors
  • Human Factors and Usability
  • Safe use of AI in healthcare including Clinical Decision Support (CDSS)
  • Software Safety Oversight and Audits
  • Software Documentation and User Guides/Safety Instructions
  • IT Safety incident triaging

What We Know
  • Common Safety Risks in EHR Software and how to prevent them
  • Safety-Based Design required by ONC regulations.
  • Best Practices and Recommendations from Health IT and Clinical Safety Groups, including:
  • ECRI, NIH, NLM, ONC, AHIMA, AMIA, ISMP and Others.
  • Risk Management and Risk-Based SDLC Standards (ISO 14971, ISO 62304)
  • SAFER Guides

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