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How Serious Are Zoom’s Data Security Issues?

For many students, families, and businesses, Zoom is an ‘essential service.’ But data security issues with the platform are drawing unwanted attention, criticism, and even lawsuits.

Preparing for a Litigation Surge in the Post-Pandemic World

Health, safety, and legal liability are hot-button issues for employers as the U.S. economy positions to reopen. Many businesses fear the potential for legal minefields surfacing in a post-Covid-19 world, and with good reason – the minefields exist.

Person holding phone up while testing 5G network speed

The State of Play for 5G in 2020

5G is in its nascent days as a technology – the market is establishing itself, businesses are determining whether to invest, and infrastructure is still developing. 5G hype may not square with reality but the future remains bright and potentially blazing fast.

On Our Radar: The Algorithmic Accountability Act

The algorithms that govern Artificial Intelligence behavior have been accused of bias in high-profile cases involving major corporations. Lawmakers are responding with the Algorithmic Accountability Act which is the most serious attempt to address the issue.