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On Our Radar: The Algorithmic Accountability Act

The algorithms that govern Artificial Intelligence behavior have been accused of bias in high-profile cases involving major corporations. Lawmakers are responding with the Algorithmic Accountability Act which is the most serious attempt to address the issue.

Court Rules Facial Recognition Lawsuit Against Facebook Can Proceed

For now, the biggest questions still lack clarity: is scanning a photograph and not a face a violation of the law? Is there a legal precedent for ‘concrete injury’ as it relates to biometric data? The answers may have billion-plus dollar ramifications for tech companies, privacy advocates, and product users alike.

U.S. Department of Justice Mandates Changes to eSim Technology

While the investigation into collusion between two wireless carriers and a related trade association regarding embedded SIM card (eSIM) technology may have reached an anticlimactic end, the superpowers of the wireless industry will have to tread carefully to avoid an unwanted legal case.

Digital painting of human skull

What Does DNA Use for Facial Mapping Mean?

DNA phenotyping has the potential for positive use cases for law enforcement, but it is still early days for the technology. As it evolves, it appears more information and review are necessary to come to a true conclusion about its efficacy – and to develop the guidelines and processes to safely use it.