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Quandary Peak Research — software experts specializing in matters of intellectual property, expert witness testimony,  source code analysis, and due diligence for investment and M&A — today announced a new partnership with CAST, the leader in software intelligence. This collaboration will bring together the expertise of both companies to offer comprehensive software solutions and services that meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

The partnership will combine CAST’s deep software analysis capabilities and Quandary Peak’s technical evaluation expertise to offer a technical analysis that now has quantitative metrics to measure software product quality as well as insight into its inner workings. This combination will help us prepare clients to make informed decisions and stay ahead of industry trends.

We are thrilled to partner with CAST, given their global reputation for delivering premier software analysis solutions,” said Mahdi Eslamimehr, VP of Emerging Tech Due Diligence. “Our partnership will bring together the best of both worlds, enabling customers to make data-driven decisions about their software development and stay ahead of the curve.

“The custom-built software can be a black box for the investor. Open-source components can open exposures to legal, security, and compliance risk. Our partnership with Quandary Peak Research combines automatically generated insights from CAST software intelligence technology with their technical expertise to help clients see inside custom software and de-risk investments.” Vinod Uniyal, Vice President, NA Channel Sales, CAST

Quandary Peak announces partnership with CAST

About CAST

CAST, the software intelligence leader, provides software that ‘understands’ multi-technology software systems and automatically derives insights about their inner workings–interactions between all its elements, transaction flows, data access paths, changes needed to move to cloud, open-source risks, green impact, ISO 5055 compliance, etc. It is used globally by thousands of digital leaders, helping them make smarter decisions, maintain, and transform custom software with greater speed, and exert better ongoing control of the risks involved.

About Quandary Peak Research

Quandary Peak Research is a Los Angeles‑based consulting group that provides expert analysis of software and computing technology. They represent Fortune 500 companies & top law firms regarding tech expertise & legal experience in matters pertaining to intellectual property consulting, expert witness testimony, source code analysis & software quality audits.

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