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ACLU vs. Government: Should There Be Rules Governing Hacking?

The ACLU lawsuit claims that what little information exists has been confined to “scattered news accounts”; what they do know is described as “very troubling.”

Legal Troubles Don’t Mean Diminished Ambitions for Big Tech

For the first time in memory, previously unassailable companies found themselves squarely in government and public crosshairs alike, answering for a series of (often data-centric) misdeeds.

Health IT Standards Gaining Traction

A primary goal of Health IT software is to improve the overall quality, safety, and effective delivery of healthcare. However, despite widespread implementation and use of health IT
software, these safety and quality benefits have not been fully realized, as software vendors and users must balance innovation with the ability to mitigate risk in these highly valuable systems.

The Quantum Encryption Race Has Begun

Quantum computing is the latest frontier to be explored not only by giants like Google, IBM, and Alibaba, but also researchers and startups.