Gordon Mackay - Senior Software Consultant

Gordon MacKay

Computer Scientist

Gordon MacKay is a software and systems expert and technical executive with more than 20 years of experience in computer, telecommunications, network security, and SaaS/Cloud platforms. Gordon has led development and QA teams in architecting, developing and deploying a multi-tenant SaaS-based vulnerability management platform and scanning solution which is being used worldwide by Fortune 500 organizations as part of their ongoing cyber defense programs.

He is also an expert in developing integrations between various cyber security platforms including Endpoint Protection Platforms, EDR/XDR, SIEM, Network Access Control, Ticketing, SOAR, SAST/DAST platforms, Vulnerability Management and more.

Gordon currently serves as a consultant in Quandary Peak’s Due Diligence team in supporting technology investments, mergers & acquisitions, as well as software related litigations. He is skilled in security analysis, software architecture, and code review and assessment including web application security code reviews.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Has 18 years of experience in software development practice as a software engineer in architecting, designing and deploying multi-tenant SaaS-based cyber security solutions.
  • Served as Chief Technology Officer at Digital Defense, Inc. and led R&D and QA teams in architecting, designing, implementing, and deploying its in-house multi-tenant vulnerability management platform which is used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide as part of their ongoing cyber defense programs.
  • Has many years of experience in integrating SaaS and Cloud based platforms, with other platforms including premised-based offerings, using various web integration technologies and APIs including REST, SOAP and more. Solutions integrated included Microsoft for Endpoint, Splunk SIEM, Palo Alto Cortex XDR, ServiceNow Security Operations, Veracode, and many more.
  • Delivered various invited speeches and technology demonstrations at numerous cyber security events and conferences including RSA security, ISC2 Security Congress, ISSA International Conference, Many USA BSides Conferences, while highlighting across media and security articles including, Forbes, Fox Business News, CIO review, SoftPedia, IT World Canada, and others.
  • Has 10 years of telecom software development experience with various large telecom organizations including Nortel/Bell Northern Research, DSC and Alcatel, designing platform related switching software as well as call processing features using ISDN, SS7 and many other telecommunication protocols.
  • Holds three patents related to vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management – one of which is a method for corelating point-in-time detected and assessed assets, to their correct counterparts as detected in different point-in-time assessments.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering from McGill University Montreal Canada.

Areas of Expertise

  • Private Equity technical due diligence for investments and acquisitions as well as patent litigation.
  • Computer / Network Security

    Vulnerability Management and scanning, SIEM, SOAR, Endpoint security, Web Application security, penetration testing, Email security.

  • Programming/Software Development

    C / C++, Java, Python, PERL, Assembly, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Django, Git, CVS, Mercurial, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Agile process, Jira.

  • Databases

    RDBMS, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite.

  • Operating Systems / Frameworks

    Linux, Unix, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android.

  • Networking & Protocols


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