As the complexity of internet & web applications have increased, a new generation of cutting-edge apps and sites are now providing richer, more dynamic features. While many web applications continue to rely on a traditional 3-tier, database-driven backend, the state of the art has evolved dramatically. Microservices,  client-side frameworks,  and location-aware features that leverage the user’s social graph are now commonplace.

What We Do
  • Analyze source code for website user interfaces, business applications, and back-end databases and provide website expert witness testimony.
  • Recover the relevant parts of the software architectures for large-scale web systems built on top of commonly used technologies.
  • Provide Internet expert witness testimony and author expert reports related to web servers, websites, rich Internet applications, and other Internet technologies.
  • Assist and support outside Internet expert witnesses to ensure their arguments are as persuasive and defensible as possible.

What We Know
  • Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby
  • XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Node.js
  • Silverlight, Flash
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Webkit
  • SQL, BigTable, Oracle, MySQL
  • Apache, IIS, other web servers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Affiliate marketing and CPA networks

We Know Internet Applications and Websites

We offer expert testimony and software analysis for all types of internet-based and web-based software systems. Our internet expert witness services cover database-driven websites, e-commerce systems, online marketing and SEO strategies, mapping and GIS systems, and many other types of complex systems.

3-Tiered Architecture Analysis

Most websites are built according to a well-known structure known as the “3-tiered architecture.” Applications that use a 3-tiered architecture include a front-end client tier, an application logic tier, and a back-end database tier. The client tier includes the user interface and defines the look-and-feel of the application or website. The application logic tier implements the core functions and services of the application. The database tier stores and manages all the data used by the application. Quandary Peak’s website experts have built many 3-tiered applications over the course of our professional lives and have analyzed numerous others in the context of litigation.

Web Server Analysis

Quandary Peak’s web server experts have extensive experience with the languages and components used to build the vast majority of the world’s websites. We are intimately familiar with the inner workings of Apache and other web servers, and have guru-level proficiency in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and other server-side scripting languages. We also pride ourselves on always staying up-to-date with new and emerging technologies, such as Node.js.

Web Client and Browser Analysis

Our deep understanding of web clients covers both the most popular desktop-based browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari, as well as mobile browsers, such as the stock Android and iOS browsers, Dolphin, and Opera Mini. We’re also knowledgeable in Webkit and other core components used to implement many browsers.

Web Protocols and Standards

At its foundation, the Internet relies on a set of standardized protocols and formats, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, WAP, and DNS. At Quandary Peak, we understand that a firm technical grasp of these standards is crucial to reaching informed and accurate opinions about the function and behavior of Internet applications. Over the years, we’ve built up our expertise in web protocols and formats to make sure we know every detail about what they do and how they work.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the process of improving the rank of website in searches performed through Google, Bing, or another search engine. Our SEO experts have spent years mastering this complex and continuously evolving field. We are well-versed in all the interrelated concerns and issues in that can impact a website’s performance in search, including website content, structure, and links.

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