Embedded systems from monitors in your car to mobile health devices are increasingly connected to the web through new machine-to-machine (M-to-M) platforms that leverage broad-range cellular networks and embedded and low-cost wireless technologies to provide a great new range of hyper-connected applications and devices for use in a number of industrial and consumer fields.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, we help our clients:

  • Form new IP and manage existing IP around M-to-M technologies.
  • Provide expert testimony and code review related to embedded and M-to-M platforms.
  • Assess the quality of the device designs and architecture and platform decisions.
  • Navigate regulatory and certification processes.

What We Know
  • Embedded device and user interface design
  • Verizon/nPhase M-to-M device platforms
  • Verizon Device Certifications
  • Bluetooth/Zigbee/RFID
  • Qualcomm/Huawei/Tellit hardware and firmware

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