Mobile apps leverage the user’s context — such as location and video — to provide entirely new types of services. Contextual information is provided to cellphones and smartphone apps through the numerous sensors integrated with the mobile devices: GPS receivers, cameras, microphones, accelerometers, and so on.

What We Do

At Quandary Peak, we specialize in:

  • Quick and effective source code review for a variety of mobile platforms.
  • Smartphone expert witness testimony and documentation of technical evidence for mobile computer and cell phone technologies.
  • Helping our clients discover apps that are likely to violate their intellectual property.
  • Holistic analysis of a mobile system including the application software, mobile OS software, custom device drivers, and remote server software.

What We Know

We know smartphones, cell phones, and tablets.

We offer expert testimony and software analysis services for mobile hardware and software. We have analyzed devices from HTC, Nokia, and Samsung, hardware from Intel, Qualcomm and Huawei, and software from Microsoft, Apple, Google, and RIM, just to name a few.

  • Android smartphones: Quandary Peak specializes in Android source code review for software patent cases. We have extensive industry experience with important Android components, such as Stagefright, Dalvik, OpenGL, Webkit, and the Linux kernel, allowing us to quickly analyze large sets of source code to locate key findings serve as Android expert witnesses. We understand the legal questions related to Android smartphone patents, including prior art in the field and recent and current cases.
  • Apple iOS devices: Our in-depth knowledge of the iOS platform extends from the core operating system to the SDK and applications. We are skilled in Objective C and Xcode, including the iOS APIs for media playback, graphics rendering, network communication, image and video capture, data management, security, location services, and user interaction. If your case relates to intellectual property and iOS devices, we can help.
  • Windows Phone 8: Given the relative newness of Windows Phone 8, we have as much experience as anyone with the platform. We have performed in-depth source code review of the full Windows Phone 8 software stack, including applications, developer APIs, OS services, and device drivers. We’re also old hands with Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, Silverlight, WPF, and the .NET platform.
  • Wireless and cellular protocols: Quandary Peak has provided expert services in software patent cases involving 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless communication protocols and standards, including CDMA, GSM, LTE, and others. Several of our cases have leveraged our knowledge of SMS and MMS and their associated message formats like SMIL. We have also worked extensively with WiFi networks and the 802.11 a/b/g/n standards.
  • Qualcomm hardware and software: We know as well as anyone just how ubiquitous Qualcomm’s chips have become, and the critical role Qualcomm’s software plays in the core functionality of mobile and handheld devices. Any thorough analysis of mobile device capabilities related to telephony, image and video capture, or multimedia playback (to name a few) must include a detailed understanding of the corresponding Qualcomm hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and device drivers, which we acquired over years of analysis experience.

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