Health IT Experts

Accomplished professionals with experience in developing, auditing, and applying standards to health information technology software.

Brad Ulrich - Software Expert Witness
Brad Ulrich
VP of Health IT and Audits Nashville

Brad Ulrich has a diverse career as a computer scientist, software engineer, technology manager, and entrepreneur. His experience spans software design, programming, patent management, healthcare, mobile devices, startups, technology licensing, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Ajit Dhavle
Ajit Dhavle, Pharm.D.
Vice President – Health IT Audits and Life Sciences Nashville

Ajit Dhavle is a healthcare technologist, clinician, entrepreneur and a problem solver with 15+ years of experience in digital health, quality, e-medications, Health IT standards, and patient safety.

Ali Khoshgozaran - Computer Scientist
Ali Khosh, PhD
Senior Testifying Expert Los Angeles

Dr. Ali Khosh is a computer scientist, entrepreneur and technology executive with years of experience at leading tech companies including Microsoft, Yahoo and Samsung. Ali serves as an expert in various software-related litigation matters (patent infringement, trade secret, etc.) and technical due diligence of emerging technology (VC investments, M&A transactions).

Andrew Holm-Hansen - Health IT Solutions Architect
Andrew Holm-Hansen
Director of Health IT Engineering Nashville

Andrew Holm-Hansen has worked in Health IT for 15 years as a Health IT Solutions Architect. He led several development teams during his career at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Anna Goujon - Project Coordinator
Anna Goujon
Project Coordinator Nashville

Anna Goujon has expertise in organizing and supporting EHR software quality, regulatory, and patient safety audits. She has a background in scientific research from Purdue University.

Quandary Peak’s Health IT and Audits division provides government organizations and software technology vendors
with expert oversight and guidance regarding software quality, governance and best practices in the complex and evolving Health IT landscape.

The federal government and top software technology vendors trust Quandary Peak in matters relating to CEHRT regulations, medical device standards, SDO and, quality and risk management system.

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