While software is eating the world, software itself is being fundamentally disrupted by advances in AI and machine learning. The “smart everything” movement that began with phones, soon expanded to TVs and cars and is poised to take numerous other “dumb” devices by storm. With a 450% increase in jobs related to the field of AI since 2013 and a 50%+ increase in compound annual growth rate in global AI spent to turn it into a $57.6 billion industry, there is a tectonic shift taking place in innovations related to to AI and ML. Such disruptive innovations has already resulted in a spike in corporate M&A activities related to AI and ML-powered startups as well as trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement litigation matters related to the IP created by innovative startups and large enterprise software companies. These trends are creating a demand in proper understanding, evaluating and dissecting the AI/ML intellectual property for litigation and M&A matters.

What We Do

Quandary Peak experts have a deep understanding of and experience analyzing:

  • Software that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.
  • Unique software architecture of products powered by artificial intelligence.
  • IP evaluation for a potential M&A or investment in AI/ML startups.
  • Analyzing machine learning software used by self-driving cars. 
  • Cost benefit analysis on open source vs. proprietary AI software packages 
  • Assess the uniqueness, performance characteristics and ultimate value of AI and machine learning IP.
  • Reviewing complex source code related to classification, detection, and prediction algorithms.

What We Know
  • Open source machine learning packages
  • AWS Deep Learning AMI
  • MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) Frameworks
  • Google Cloud ML Engine
  • Amazon ML
  • Microsoft Azure ML
  • IBM Watson ML
  • TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Caffe, Pylearn, Mocha,
  • Python libraries (SKLearn, Keras, scipy, numpy, pandas, etc.)
  • Prediction algorithms
  • Hyperparameters tuning
  • Training, Labeling, Testing
  • Performance evaluation

We know AI & Machine Learning

Our AI and machine learning experts deeply understand the key differences and unique challenges in evaluating AI software for litigation and due diligence matters. We have already served as a consulting and testifying experts on a number of notable cases involving machine learning and AI in M&A and litigation matters.

  • Self-Driving Cars: Trade secret misappropriation cases are among the most fiercely contested because of the explosive growth and demand over AI and machine learning startups. One of the most successful areas of technology where AI and ML have been successfully monetized involve autonomous and connected cars. Understanding the foundations of machine vision, object recognition and other AI software packages, technologies and algorithms has uniquely positioned Quandary Peak Research in providing valuable experience and expertise to its clients in complex trade secret litigation matters involving self-driving and autonomous cars.
  • Freight Logistics and Supply Chain: Quandary Peak Research’s experts are retained in a number of cases concerning a potential M&A activity in areas such as freight logistics. Our unique expertise in the areas of software architecture, training, modeling and deploying machine learning applications has uniquely positioned us to provide key insights to potential acquirers of software companies deploying AI in supply chain and logistics use cases.

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