Computer Hardware & Electronics Experts

Computing professionals and research scientists with academic credentials and industry expertise​

Quandary Peak’s computer & electrical engineering experts have extensive experience as research scientists in both university and corporate research labs. All of our experts have long and distinguished records of original research achievements that have been published in scholarly, peer-reviewed journal papers.

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Our team includes experts with specific, authoritative knowledge in many fields of electrical engineering and computer hardware

  • Processors (multi-core systems, GPUs)
  • Memory Devices (RAM, flash memory)
  • Semiconductors
  • Display Technology (touchscreens, LCDs)
  • Near-field Communication (RFID, Bluetooth)
  • Low-power Systems and Green Technology
  • AI/ML Hardware Accelerators
  • Wearable Computing
  • Medical Devices
  • Smart Home Technologies

Expert witnesses at Quandary Peak are qualified to
evaluate and testify on numerous electronics technologies

Embedded Systems

We provide expert testimony and analysis of embedded, real-time systems across a range of hyper-connected applications and devices for use in industrial and consumer fields.

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Processors & Memory

We provide expert testimony regarding CPUs and memory technologies, including GPUs, DSPs, and SMP systems.

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System on Chip (SoC)

We examine SoC related patents for validity and infringement, and evaluate SoC intellectual property. We provide expert testimony on SoC in arbitration, court trials, and ITC hearings.

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We provide analysis of semiconductor device intellectual property (IP), including matters related to patent infringement and trade secrets.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Our experts focus specifically on analyzing and evaluating Internet of Thigns (IoT) software systems, frameworks and technologies for litigation and due diligence.

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Medical Devices

We assist clients in understanding and applying fast-changing cybersecurity and privacy laws and regulations regarding med device technology.

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Electronics experts evaluation patent information

We’ve honed our skills in explaining complex ideas in plain terms over years of teaching technical concepts at the undergraduate and graduate levels and giving countless talks at seminars and conferences.

Am Law 100 firms and enterprise corporations have repeatedly retained our electronics expert witnesses for insight into intellectual property and hardware patent examinations.

Litigation Consulting

Meet Our Computer Engineering Experts

George Edwards - Software Expert Witness

George Edwards, PhD

President & Principal Computer Scientist Los Angeles

Dr. George Edwards has more than twenty years of experience as a scientist, engineer, and technical consultant to academic research labs, government agencies, and technology companies, and he has served as a software expert in various litigation contexts, including more than fifty patent infringement cases.

LitigationLitigationSenior Testifying Expert
Brad Ulrich - Software Expert Witness

Brad Ulrich

VP of Health IT & Audits Nashville

Brad Ulrich has a diverse career as a computer scientist, software engineer, technology manager, and entrepreneur. His experience spans software design, programming, patent management, healthcare, mobile devices, startups, technology licensing, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

LitigationLitigationSenior Testifying Expert
Health ITFocus AreaSoftware & Standards
Due DiligenceArea of ExpertiseHealth IT & Standards
Mahdi Eslamimehr - Senior Software Consultant

Mahdi Eslamimehr, PhD, MBA

VP of Emerging Tech Due Diligence Los Angeles

Dr. Mahdi Eslamimehr is an award-winning scientist and a senior tech executive in the software product and service industry. He has years of experience in leading tech companies around the world, including Ericsson R&D Center, Samsung Electronics R&D Labs, SAP Research Lab, and Y Combinator.

LitigationLitigationTestifying and Consulting Expert
Due DiligenceArea of ExpertiseProgram Analysis
Jason Frankovitz - Software Engineering Expert

Jason Frankovitz

Director of Software Class Actions Los Angeles

As a developer and CTO, Jason Frankovitz has been in the trenches of technology for 30 years. He has worked as a programmer, software development manager, technical analyst, CTO, and mentor in a wide variety of industries including social media, digital entertainment, and online advertising.

LitigationLitigationSenior Testifying Expert
Due DiligenceArea of ExpertiseWeb Applications
Andrew Holm-Hansen - Health IT Solutions Architect

Andrew Holm-Hansen

Director of Health IT Engineering Nashville

Andrew Holm-Hansen has worked in Health IT for 15 years, and led several development teams during his career. As an Enterprise Architect, he distilled complex information that cut across legal, staffing, and technology boundaries, to provide decision-makers with actionable information.

LitigationLitigationConsulting Expert
Health ITFocus AreaSoftware Architecture & Engineering
William Luk - Senior Software Consultant

William Luk

Regional Director, Northern California Silicon Valley

William Luk is an entrepreneur, software executive, and developer with over 20 years of experience in network and computer security. William has developed and led product teams to deliver enterprise class firewall, intrusion detection / prevention systems, database security, and data security / privacy solutions at Symantec and several security startups.

LitigationLitigationTestifying & Consulting Expert
Health ITFocus AreaSoftware Engineering & Security
Due DiligenceArea of ExpertiseEmbedded Systems & Security

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