Digital marketing is awash in intellectual property and it assumes many forms. The reuse of photos, illustrations, slogans, fonts, color palettes, and many other creative assets can form the basis for significant copyright and trademark lawsuits. Quandary Peak can explain how graphic design and prepress technologies work to give you a clear understanding of your case.

What We Do

Quandary Peak’s graphic design and digital prepress experts help clients:

  • Understand the graphic design process from preflight through final output.
  • Document instances of intellectual property use, including unlicensed copyrights and trademarks.
  • Capture forensic evidence from websites and apps suitable for trial.
  • Provide graphic design and digital prepress expert testimony and write expert reports about patents and trade secret misappropriations.

What We Know

We know graphic design and prepress technologies.

We offer expert testimony and software analysis for all types of graphic design and creative software systems. Our design and prepress expert witness services cover design applications and desktop publishing, photo/video asset management, automated image processing, similarity measurement, and many other systems.

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