A Quandary Peak Research expert was cited by jurors as credible and convincing on the stand, leading to a positive outcome for the firm’s client. Jason Frankovitz testified in San Diego Superior Court in the matter of Rimma Breeze v. The Evans School, Inc. Mr. Frankovitz, an expert in Web and Internet technologies, provided expert testimony regarding typical duties and actions of an IT administrator.

The plaintiff, Mrs. Rimma Breeze, provided technical support and WordPress development services to The Evans School in 2012 to 2013 in exchange for free tuition for her children. At issue in the case was the quality and value of her services. The Evans School also alleged that Mrs. Breeze was maliciously interfering with school systems.

Mr. Frankovitz testified that Mrs. Breeze performed work in accordance with professional standards common in the IT industry, and took no malicious actions towards the school’s IT systems. Jury polling after the verdict was rendered indicated that Mr. Frankovitz’s testimony carried significantly more weight than the opposing side’s expert.