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Healthcare Data-Sharing System May Create Privacy Risks

In a world where data is currency, the healthcare sector presents a distinct exception. Strict privacy rules have long governed who has access to what information, with important legislation protecting personal medical records from outsiders – while promoting accessibility for individuals. What was designed to be accessible, however, has often been anything…

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Quandary Peak Approved for Groundbreaking 5-year Health IT Oversight Role

Quandary Peak was recently selected by a major EHR vendor to serve as a Software Quality Oversight Organization, charged with evaluating the company’s software and internal processes, and issuing software audit reports to improve the overall quality of their product, especially its ability to keep patients safe.

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Quandary Peak Expert Assists in Contract Dispute Case

Brad Ulrich, a computer scientist at Quandary Peak Research, was recently engaged to provide software analysis and consulting for Step-By-Step Academy, an Ohio-based company, in the matter of Step-By-Step Academy, Inc. v. Special Learning, Inc in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Ohio. Special Learning is a Chicago-based company. The…

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A story on computer glitches in the website features several quotes by Quandary Peak software expert George Edwards. The article adds to a recent flurry of reports chronicling bugs in the new federal insurance marketplace. Dr. Edwards explained the inherent challenges faced by engineers in building the site, and noted…

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