Ajit Dhavle

Ajit Dhavle, Pharm.D, MBA

VP of Health IT, Audits & Life Sciences

Ajit is the Vice President of Health IT Audits and Life Science at Quandary Peak Research, where he oversees a team of software and health informatics experts providing safety, compliance, and engineering audits of health IT software systems and companies, including reviews for private companies and government agencies. He currently serves as the project lead of the nation’s first multi-disciplinary EHR Software Quality Oversight Organization under the purview of HHS-OIG and the ONC.

Previously, Ajit founded Adviva Health, Inc a SaaS prescription medication history reconciliation and analytics platform designed to streamline the medication experience for EHR users.

Ajit joined Surescripts in its early years and helped replace the paper prescription and start the first National E-prescribing network.  At Surescripts, he last served as the Vice President of Clinical Quality and was responsible for corporate clinical quality, patient safety, and quality research initiatives. While at Surescripts, he also built and ran the first-of-its kind enterprise-wide clinical quality program – a critical component of company’s e-prescribing business solutions –  to help prescribers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and healthcare system organizations achieve the three fundamental pillars of e-prescribing: accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety.

Summary of Qualifications

Innovative healthcare technology leader and chief problem solver:

  • Consulting clients include major EHR vendors, pharmacy vendors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, Health and Human Services (HHS) and the ONC (Office of National Coordinator for Health IT) on matters involving Health IT Software Development Lifecycle, Software Quality, Standards, Usability, Patient Safety Risk Compliance and Best Practices, Regulatory affairs, and Standards implementation.
  • Created the first nation-wide e-prescribing continuous quality improvement program to measure, monitor and improve the quality of e-prescriptions in the U.S.
  • Built and successfully deployed Adviva Health, a SAAS prescription medication history reconciliation and analytics platform, to streamline the user EHR medication experience.
  • Track record of successful implementations  of large-scale HIT programs and solutions that introduce efficiencies, drive customer satisfaction and growth, and enhance revenues.

Areas of Expertise

  • Patient Safety
  • Business Development Innovation
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Program Management Revenue Growth
  • Pharmacy Management Systems Electronic Prescribing (e-Rx)
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Process Improvement
  • Operational Improvement Healthcare Systems Integration Data Analytics
  • Healthcare Technology Optimization Health Information Exchange
  • E-Medication History
  • Formulary and Benefit Eligibility
  • Prescriber & Pharmacy Workflows
  • E-Prior Authorization (e-PA)
  • Meaningful Use
  • Clinical Interoperability
  • Clinical Terminology
  • Health Information Technology (HIT) standards
  • Health Informatics

Audits and Compliance Consulting

  • Tony L. Sylvester v. University of S. Alabama Health Services Foundation et. al. (representing named defendant, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings)

    Performing consultation regarding compliance and regulatory matters for Certified Health IT software.

  • Estate of David Rose and Carol Ann Rose, individually and as Executrix of the Estate of David Rose and Surviving Spouse v Medical Information Technology Inc. (MEDITECH), Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Dr. Rajveer Sangera, Dr. Aaron Vanhise, Walgreens Pharmacy, John Does 1-10 and ABC INC 1-10 (fictitious names and entities)

    Jurisdiction Superior Court of New Jersey
    Counsel Sills Cummis & Gross P.C.
    Nature of Matter Medical Malpractice
    Description of Services: Perform forensic analysis to evaluate and recreate medication prescription generation and transmission of prescriptions to pharmacies. Review and analyze electronic health record audit logs, system configurations, and system generated artifacts

  • Electronic Health Record Vendor (CONFIDENTIAL)

    Performing consultation regarding compliance and regulatory matters for Certified Health IT software.

  • Electronic Health Record Vendor (CONFIDENTIAL)

    Performing gap analysis and recommendations for improving compliance with CEHRT regulations for Certified HealthIT software.

  • REMS – Data, Quality, Process and Systems Review (CONFIDENTIAL)

    Performing independent, internal data, quality, process and systems review for a major FDA-regulated REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) program and for a popular generic medication with serious side effects. Includes 21 CFR Part 11 compliance review, review of software development, architecture, requirements, documentation, testing and validation; review of annual report data and assisting with responses to FDA inquiries.

  • eClinicalWorks, LLC and the Office of the Inspector General of HHS

    Software Quality Oversight Organization

    Leading a team of seven serving as the Software Quality and Oversight Organization (SQOO) under the Corporate Integrity Agreement between eClinicalWorks LLC and the Office of the Inspector General of the United StatesDepartment of Health and Human Services dated May 30, 2017. Serving as an independent audit and oversight organization covering a technical review of EHR software and development processes as it relates to patient safety.The project includes software process and source code review, including review of past issues, recommendations for risk and quality management systems, design controls, improvements to software useability and safety.

  • Rchemie International, LLC

    VA Principal Managing Partner

    Provide consulting services to Health IT software vendors and different Federal Agencies. Notable Government audits and software quality compliance consulting projects, include:

    • Certified Health IT Electronic Health Record Vendor – (CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL – Consulted regarding Meaningful Use compliance and regulatory matters.
    • Certified Health IT Electronic Health Record Vendor – (CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL) – Performed gap analysis and delivered recommendations to help improve company’s compliance with CEHRT regulations.
    • Certified Health IT Electronic Health Record Vendor – (CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL) – Review of issue tracking records and software artifacts to identify potential regulatory guidance and provide best practice recommendation solutions.
    • Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) -(CLIENT CONFIDENTIAL) – Performing independent data quality, process and systems review for a major shared REMS program including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance review, review of software documentation, program business and metric requirements, quality assurance procedures, annual report and submissions, and assisting with responses to FDA inquiries.
    • eClinicalWorks, LLC and the Office of the Inspector General of HHS – Software Quality Oversight Organization (SQOO) – Serving as an independent audit and oversight organization covering technical and quality review of EHR software and development processes as it relates to patient safety.
  • Adviva Health, Inc

    Founder CEO

    The Adviva Health platform is a fully integrated and one-stop-shop patient electronic medication history analytics platform that arms providers with quickly accessible and actionable patient medication data intelligence to help drive better health care decisions and resulting health outcomes. Developed, integrated, and deployed the embedded SAAS platform solution within a Meaningful Use Certified EHR with excellent feedback from practice staff and providers.


    Vice President – Clinical Quality

    Responsible for corporate Clinical Quality, Patient Safety, and Quality Research initiatives. Forge partnerships with key industry leaders, patient safety experts, vendors, and agencies to ensure appreciation for and alignment with corporate quality programs. Notable Projects:

    • Created the national E-prescription Quality Blue Print plan to standardize, codify and improve quality of all e-prescribing transactions; transitioned to the Product Innovation Team responsible for execution and served as the SME-senior advisor.
    • Lead team that engages 700+ EHR & 100+ pharmacy vendor accounts to drive network-wide quality improvements and delivered year-over-year network-wide e-prescribing quality improvements by over 35%.
    • Lead peer-reviewed research to investigate current e-medication management and e-prescribing gaps, identify solutions, and drive industry-wide best practices.
    • Lead industry-wide e-medication management and e-prescribing product enhancement and quality improvement efforts to drive growth and improve end-user satisfaction.
    • Conceptualized, launched and run the first national Pharmacy e-Messaging and e-Medication History Continuous Quality Improvement program initiatives.

    Director – Clinical Quality

    Responsible for corporate Clinical Quality and Patient Safety initiatives. Demonstrated year-over-year network-wide quality improvements and exceeded target goals on all key transactional quality metrics by 30% every year. Acted as liaison with external organizations and thought leaders on all e-prescribing quality matters. Notable Projects:

    • Conceptualized and created first-of-its-kind E-Prescribing Continuous Clinical Quality Improvement Program to measure, monitor, and improve quality of US e-prescriptions.
    • Built and led a team of clinicians and quality specialists to drive e-prescribing changes and quality improvements across all connected vendors.
    • Developed the Quality Support team to investigate all end user-reported quality events, and established an internal protocol to ensure complete resolution.
    • Implemented the annual Surescripts White Coat of Quality award program to recognize and award EHR vendors that demonstrate e-prescribing quality improvements – coveted national recognition.

    Senior Manager – Quality

    Responsible for corporate Patient Safety and Clinical Quality initiatives. Notable Projects:

    • Designed e-prescription quality rating system to analyze potential safety issues and to conduct vendor reviews aimed at improving quality and patient safety.
    • Co-invented (patent pending) and directed technical implementation of a Quality Engine to rate quality of e-prescriptions and detect patient safety issues to drive quality improvements.
    • Conducted provider office site visits to analyze e-prescribing meaningful usage; findings led to creation of a new mail order e-prescription growth strategic initiative and revenue growth.

    Senior Manager – Clinical Practice Integration

    Served as expert consultant to help clients and federal and state agencies to create and deploy e-prescribing and Health IT adoption and utilization strategies. Notable Projects:

    • Developed and implemented a vendor engagement strategy that led to addition of 1400+ new network prescribers resulting in instant net increase in billable volume and revenue.
    • Piloted e-prescribing projects in partnership with government agencies and vendors; one project resulted in 33% growth in billable e-prescription transaction volume in a three-month period.
    • Managed and executed a study analysis to understand EHR/e-prescribing adoption and utilization patterns among physicians; led to creation of new marketing campaigns and network-wide growth.

    Manager – Clinical Practice Integration

    Analyzed provider and pharmacy e-prescribing applications to understand current deployments; created new certification requirements and best practices to optimize quality. Notable Projects:

    • Created the product strategy and business case for Continuity of Care Record (CCR) e-messaging, which resulted in a net new product offering and revenue stream.
    • Successfully managed the first Surescripts Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission(EHNAC) accreditation.
    • Implemented the “Large Clinic” project and subsequent program to study e-prescribing deployment and grow utilization in large healthcare systems.

    Product Manager

    Managed the core Surescripts prescription routing product and experienced triple-digit growth. Authored external implementation and certification guides and network requirements. Coordinated and led end-user facing e-prescribing Experience Demonstrations with EHR and pharmacy system vendors at multiple pharmacy and prescriber conferences to promote e-prescribing adoption and utilization. Notable Projects:

    • Successfully executed e-prescribing product implementations at 25+ major pharmacy and physician EHR system vendors.
    • Co-led network-wide product improvement initiative to identify system gaps and obstacles; resulted in major product enhancements and creation of net new SOPs.
    • Created standard and state specific Surescripts e-facsimile templates in accordance with state Board of Pharmacy regulations for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • CVS Health

    Pharmacist / Pharmacist Intern / Pharmacy Technician

    Provided drug information service to clinicians and counseled patient on proper use of medication. Pharmacy staff supervision, inventory management, patient health plan eligibility determination, and medication dispensing.

    Consulting Assignments:

    • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

      Analyzed current industry Prior Authorization (PA) work flows and standardized clinical PA questions to create an electronic question database for standards creation.
    • National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD

      Analyzed the RxNorm clinical drug terminology and assessed the scope, feasibility, and integration into existing pharmacy and provider e-prescribing workflows.

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