Quandary Peak Research opens new offices in Hayward, expanding software patent consulting and source code review services in the tech hub.

Quandary Peak Research, a Los Angeles-based consulting group specializing in software and computing technology, is thrilled to announce the opening of a new office in the heart of Silicon Valley. This strategic expansion aims to better serve the needs of our growing client base and represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering high-quality, competitive technology services and consulting to clients of all sizes on a national and global scale.

Quandary Peak Research opens new offices in Hayward, expanding services in the Bay Area tech hub.

Dr. George Edwards, President & Principal Computer Scientist, expressed his enthusiasm for this development: “Our new Hayward office represents a major step forward for Quandary Peak. As we continue to grow our team of experts in the Bay Area with this additional footprint, we will be even better positioned to provide key services—such as source code review—that often require our experts to be on-site in San Francisco, San Jose, and Silicon Valley. I’m incredibly excited and proud of our company’s continued success and expansion beyond our Southern California home into more strategic areas like Texas, Washington, D.C., and the Bay Area.

For over a decade, Quandary Peak has been at the forefront of software expertise, intellectual property consulting, source code analysis, technical due diligence, and expert witness testimony. A physical premises in the Bay Area boosts the company’s ability to offer real-time, face-to-face meetings, fostering stronger collaboration between their expert teams and customers. Quandary Peak’s ongoing collaborations with top law firms such as Jones Day, Sullivan & Cromwell, and Kasowitz Benson Torres will also be strengthened by an increased presence in the Bay Area.

The Silicon Valley office is anchored by Regional Director William Luk whose long and successful career includes development of enterprise-class firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and database security at Symantec and several startups. Mr. Luk shared his vision for the new office: “Our goal is to aggressively grow our Bay Area offerings by relocating select members of our expert team to Hayward. We’ll continue to recruit specialists with deep knowledge in software technology and patent litigation experience.”

Quandary Peak’s expert teams are capable of generating detailed reports and presentations supported by technical evidence and expert witness testimony. The company offers litigation support services for patent/copyright infringement, digital privacy, and trade secret misappropriation cases, earning recognition from clients ranging from startups to multinational corporations featured in the news daily.

About Quandary Peak Research

Quandary Peak Research provides technical expertise, expert witness testimony, and legal support in matters related to intellectual property, source code analysis, and software quality audits. Founded in 2012, the company serves clients across diverse industries, including Fortune 500 companies and top law firms.