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Relying on Sole Expert Witness, Samsung Wins Patent Case…Twice

Samsung prevailed in the retrial of a patent infringement case earlier this month as the jury found the asserted patents to be valid but not infringed. Quandary Peak software expert Dr. Nenad Medvidovic was called as an expert witness by Samsung in both the original trial, which took place in July, and…

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Quandary Peak Assists in Nokia v. HTC Patent Litigation

Nokia’s recent settlement with HTC over smartphone patents was widely reported in the media on Friday, resulting in the dismissal of all pending patent litigation worldwide between the two companies. Industry observers widely cited the outcome as an important step for Nokia in its effort to generate royalties from its patent portfolio.…

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Quandary Peak Experts Analyze Android Camera Architecture

George Edwards and Nenad Medvidovic, two software experts affiliated with Quandary Peak Research, recently completed a comprehensive examination of the camera software architecture of over a dozen Android devices. The two also analyzed a handful of mobile phones powered by Qualcomm’s Brew platform. The inspection and analysis of C++ and Java source…

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