While a small number of software litigation cases can be decided based solely on the available documentation or recorded communication between developers, the vast majority of cases require answers based on the source code implementation.

A high-quality review of source code performed by an experienced source code review expert is a crucial step in arguing for or against particular litigation claims, which is remarkably difficult because of the sheer scale and complexity of modern software.

What We Do

Quandary Peak software experts are thoroughly trained in all of the steps required for high-quality code review including:

  • Recovery of the architectural structure.
  • Determination of the information flow throughout the system.
  • Discovery of potentially duplicated or identical code.
  • Locating specific points in source code that support or refute litigation claims.
  • Review and discovery from repository history and issue tracking systems.
  • Build and reproduce software production for investigation.
  • Review and analysis of the overall development process and code qualities.

What We Know
  • Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Brew
  • Java, C, C++, Objective C, C#
  • Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go lang
  • XML, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Node.js
  • MPEG, JPEG, MP3, Silverlight, Flash
  • Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • SQL, BigTable, Oracle, MySQL
  • .NET, WPF, Apache, IIS
  • Linux, Windows, MacOS
  • GitHub, GitLab, Jira

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