Articles about Electronic Health Records

Healthcare Data-Sharing System May Create Privacy Risks

In a world where data is currency, the healthcare sector presents a distinct exception. Strict privacy rules have long governed who has access to what information, with important legislation protecting personal medical records from outsiders – while promoting accessibility for individuals. What was designed to be accessible, however, has often been anything…

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Practice Fusion Reaches Agreement with U.S. Department of Justice

Practice Fusion – a subsidiary of leading healthcare IT provider Allscripts – has reached a $145 million agreement with the United States Department of Justice. The settlement is due to resolve potential criminal and civil liability facing Allscripts, as a result of Practice Fusion violations that allegedly occurred – and were initially…

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Quandary Peak Expert Assists in Contract Dispute Case

Brad Ulrich, a computer scientist at Quandary Peak Research, was recently engaged to provide software analysis and consulting for Step-By-Step Academy, an Ohio-based company, in the matter of Step-By-Step Academy, Inc. v. Special Learning, Inc in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Ohio. Special Learning is a Chicago-based company. The…

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