Brad Ulrich, a computer scientist at Quandary Peak Research, was recently engaged to provided expert software analysis and opinions for the County of Montgomery County in the matter of Yasmin Reyazuddin v. Montgomery County, Maryland.

The case involves enterprise software used at the County’s 311 Call Center and its accessibility under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The software in question is a COTS implementation of Oracle’s Siebel software, and proposed solutions included the use of a customized add-on in the form of .NET business objects and EAI software.

Mr. Ulrich used a software cost modeling and estimation technique known as COCOMO to perform cost and level-of-effort analyses, and opined on the feasibility and risks of proposed implementations.

Mr. Ulrich’s work with the case is ongoing. He was deposed by opposing counsel in February and is awaiting additional action by the court.