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Examining Facebook’s Oversight Board

Facebook’s Oversight Board issued a major ruling on former President Trump. In this post, we examine some of the implications.

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Concerns for Tech Companies in 2021

The biggest names in tech are experiencing increased scrutiny, restrictions (or the threat of restrictions), and more apprehension about security than ever before.

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2020’s Biggest Tech Stories, and What to Watch Next Year

In our final post to this wild year, we take a look back at the biggest tech stories in the year that was, while also peeking at what’s to come in 2021.

Graffiti art on wall makes political commentary about Mark Zuckerberg

Social Media Takes Active Stance Against Election Misinformation

In this post, we explore Facebook and Twitter’s efforts at stemming the tide of election misinformation in 2020, and look at possible ways the companies can improve.

Map of US election campaign results by state

Disinformation Campaigns Continue with 2020 Election

Intelligence agencies, Facebook and Twitter have sounded the alarm about new cyber-threats from Russia and other countries.