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Are Photos Like Fingerprints? BIPA and Biometric Privacy Laws

Illinois’ BIPA is a model for upcoming biometric legislation; we expect 20% of states will have biometric privacy laws by 2024.

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Understanding Electronic Health Information Under the 21st Century Cures Act

The digitization of medical records should lead to streamlined access for patients, efficiency upgrades for providers, and economic opportunity for developers. These benefits exist in theory, but not in practice—due to cybersecurity concerns and the associated costs.

How Serious Are Zoom’s Data Security Issues?

For many students, families, and businesses, Zoom is an ‘essential service.’ But data security issues with the platform are drawing unwanted attention, criticism, and even lawsuits.

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Healthcare Data-Sharing System May Create Privacy Risks

In a piecemeal regulatory environment, consumers will bear the brunt of the responsibility for vetting any app they choose to give access to their medical information. How that information is protected will be the province of third parties – until legislated otherwise.

Court Rules Facial Recognition Lawsuit Against Facebook Can Proceed

For now, the biggest questions still lack clarity: is scanning a photograph and not a face a violation of the law? Is there a legal precedent for ‘concrete injury’ as it relates to biometric data? The answers may have billion-plus dollar ramifications for tech companies, privacy advocates, and product users alike.

A Closer Look at California’s Data Privacy Law

The notion that data is the property of consumers—and not businesses that collect it—is a relatively new (but impactful) premise. Until national legislation is introduced, California’s CCPA looks to be the standard-setter across the US for the time being.

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What Does DNA Use for Facial Mapping Mean?

DNA phenotyping has the potential for positive use cases for law enforcement, but it is still early days for the technology. As it evolves, it appears more information and review are necessary to come to a true conclusion about its efficacy – and to develop the guidelines and processes to safely use it.