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Graffiti art on wall makes political commentary about Mark Zuckerberg

Social Media Takes Active Stance Against Election Misinformation

In this post, we explore Facebook and Twitter’s efforts at stemming the tide of election misinformation in 2020, and look at possible ways the companies can improve.

Person holding phone up while testing 5G network speed

The State of Play for 5G in 2020

5G is in its nascent days as a technology – the market is establishing itself, businesses are determining whether to invest, and infrastructure is still developing. 5G hype may not square with reality but the future remains bright and potentially blazing fast.

Supreme Court Allows Apple Antitrust Suit to Move Forward

Lawsuit claims that Apple exercises monopoly power in the retail market for the sale of apps and has unlawfully used its monopoly power to force iPhone owners to pay Apple higher-than-competitive prices for apps.

Lawsuits Alleges U.S. Cellphone Carriers Sold Customer Location Data

New class-action lawsuits have been filed against major US cellphone carriers AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint in US District Court in Maryland due to the real-time “collection of geolocation data and the unauthorized dissemination to third-parties of the geolocation data collected from its users’ cell phones.

The End of Apple and Samsung’s Patent Wars

Apple and Samsung spent many years and many dollars fighting about patents in court. What was the final result and who came out ahead?

Painting of night sky over city, with 5G cell tower signals

Huawei and the Fight Over 5G

While 4G networks can send hundreds of millions of bytes per second, 5G networks will send billions, changing how we live and work.