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Alice Corp v. CLS Bank: The Technology Court Battle of the Year?

High profile patent cases involving well-known brands and huge financial stakes, like Apple v. Samsung and Samsung v. Ericsson, grab virtually all of the media attention out there. In a sense, they’re the media darlings of patent litigation — easy targets with lots to report on. There is one case, however, that stands to make […]

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Quandary Peak Research Performs Code Review in Patent Infringement Case

Brad Ulrich, a software expert with Quandary Peak Research, is performing source code review and analysis in a patent infringement matter brought against a large financial institution in the Eastern District of Virginia. The software involved utilizes SMS-based communication to a Java EE web platform to provide mobile banking services. Mr. Ulrich, who will be […]

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Quandary Peak Research to Provide Expert Opinion in Software Lawsuit

Quandary Peak Research has been retained to provide an expert opinion in a lawsuit alleging breach of contract by a software development organization. The complaint, filed in US District Court, alleges the defendants billed unreasonable amounts for programming services and failed to provide working software within the agreed time period. Expert consultants at Quandary Peak […]

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