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Remember Those Old Linksys Routers? They’re a Case Study for the Importance of Technical Due Diligence

Fundamental to complex technology transactions is the need for technical due diligence. Technical evaluations and intellectual property concerns are vital pieces of any assessment of opportunity and risk associated with these transactions. For proof, look no further than the ubiquitous Linksys WRT54G router – and how an oversight in the merger and…

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Android’s Stagefright Media Player Architecture

A significant portion of today’s mobile devices run on top of Android OS. One of the reasons for the widespread adoption of Android is its open source nature. While this allows any programmer to look beyond the basic API (referred to as the Application Framework), understanding and modifying the lower layers of…

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Quandary Peak Experts Analyze Android Camera Architecture

George Edwards and Nenad Medvidovic, two software experts affiliated with Quandary Peak Research, recently completed a comprehensive examination of the camera software architecture of over a dozen Android devices. The two also analyzed a handful of mobile phones powered by Qualcomm’s Brew platform. The inspection and analysis of C++ and Java source…

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