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Are Photos Like Fingerprints? BIPA and Biometric Privacy Laws

Illinois’ BIPA is a model for upcoming biometric legislation; we expect 20% of states will have biometric privacy laws by 2024.

Tablet device showing a process of compliance in Health IT regulation, similar to the Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative.

The DOJ’s Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative

The most recent Health IT vendor to settle with the government is a direct result of the DOJ’s new Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative.

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FDA Releases Final Guidance on Clinical Decision Support Software as a Medical Device

Quandary Peak’s review of FDA’s final guidance leads us to believe we could see meaningful expansion of the amount of CDSS qualifying as a medical device, which could subject many current and future CDS software applications to FDA oversight.

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Understanding Medical Device Cybersecurity & the FDA’s Role

As medical devices evolve to better treat and monitor patient health, cybersecurity remains a top priority. As per FDA guidance, “medical device security is a shared responsibility…”

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An Overview of the Three Google Antitrust Lawsuits

Google is the subject of not one, not two, but three antitrust lawsuits as part of a broader reckoning of technology companies’ power to shape the modern world.