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Medical devices hanging on wall

Understanding Medical Device Cybersecurity & the FDA’s Role

As medical devices evolve to better treat and monitor patient health, cybersecurity remains a top priority. As per FDA guidance, “medical device security is a shared responsibility…”

Photo of T-Mobile sign on window

Inside T-Mobile’s Massive Security Failure

Around the middle of August, a security research firm named Unit221B reached out to T-Mobile with some really, really bad news.

Woman operating bio tech equipment in a cancer testing laboratory

This Summer’s Highest Profile Lawsuit

In this post, we breakdown the most high-profile lawsuit taking place in the United States this summer: the prosecution of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

Person holding up mobile phone, playing Fortnite game

Apple vs. Epic Games: Awaiting a Critical Verdict

After a three-week trial, the yearlong legal affair between technology giant Apple and Fortnite developer, Epic Games, is nearing its end.