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Software experts meeting in research laboratory: woman leads presentation using digital whiteboard while colleagues listening

Identifying CyberSecurity Risk as Part of Technical Due Diligence

We use SAST tools during our tech due diligence engagements to provide independent analysis of security risk and to help provide recommendations.

Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Cellphone Surveillance Case

The case of Carpenter v. United States could ultimately set the standard for modern surveillance law: can law enforcement legally obtain information regarding your cell phone location data?

Front view of a Altair 8800 computer

Code is Tricky, Part 2: Source Code Never Runs

Every computer program comes from source code, but computers never use source code to run their programs. How does that work? Part 2 in our series.

Code is Tricky, Part 1: Dead Code

A software patent case can be won or lost on the question of dead code. What is dead code and how can an expert spot it? Part 1 in our series.

If You Have a Slow Network Connection, You Can Prove It

Consumers pay high prices for private broadband access, but how can you be sure you’re getting what you pay for? Our step-by-step guide will make sure you don’t get fleeced.

Design Challenges in Sub-11nm Process Technologies

Dr. Shahin Nazarian has been conducting research on design and analysis of high speed, energy efficient circuits and has co-authored numerous papers in design, analysis and optimization.

Award Winning Research Conducted by Quandary Peak Experts

Two Quandary Peak experts and their teams presented their latest research at the twenty-sixth International Symposium on Software Reliability and Engineering, one of the most accredited IEEE events.

Could Better Testing Have Prevented Toyota’s Unintended Acceleration Problem?

When human health and safety depends on software, correct system operation is the most important concern. Unfortunately, a lack of proper testing and verification in such systems allows program defects to remain undetected and later turn into hazardous failures.