Relying on Sole Expert Witness, Samsung Wins Patent Case…Twice

Samsung prevailed in the retrial of a patent infringement case earlier this month as the jury found the asserted patents to be valid but not infringed. Quandary Peak software expert Dr. Nenad Medvidovic was called as an expert witness by Samsung in both the original trial, which took place in July, and the retrial, which was ordered after the jury was given documents accidentally. Dr. Medvidovic was the only witness called by Samsung’s counsel, Kirkland & Ellis LLP.

The plaintiff in the case, Cascades Computer Innovation LLC, was dubbed the “original patent troll” by IP Law & Business magazine back in 2006. The company has been buying up patents to assert against technology companies since the late 1990s. Recent trends, however, seem to indicate that patent activity by non-practicing entities may be declining.

More details about the case can be found at Law360.

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